Briolette believes in the principle that accessing the best to get the best is the key to success. Briolette has a staff of over 15, ranging from customer service personnel, designers and master craftsmen. Each member of the team is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction through the experience of quality, beauty, prestige and integrity.

It is Briolettes two proprietors whose vision, knowledge and skill has established Briolette as a benchmark for quality jewellery and craftsmanship in Canberra.

Robert Hunt is excited at the prospect of creating first class jewellery using exclusive gem stones. His passion for gems and beautifully crafted jewellery comes from his involvement in gemmology and diamond technology. He is driven by the desire to find the perfect gem for the perfect piece. Robert understands that high quality jewellery is rare; this is why Robert and his team are dedicated to providing Canberra and the national market with excellence in fine jewellery backed by integrity and quality assurance.

Diana Thompson has a strong eye for design. She has a passion for creativity and a great enthusiasm for blending traditional design concepts with modern innovation. Diana has 23 years of experience in the design industry and uses her experience to create award winning pieces. She has vast creative vision that enables her to design and create prestigious, beautiful pieces that can be worn to complement and amaze.

Ear ring
Ear rings