Briolette stock an extensive collection of fine jewellery. These include; Kailis Pearls, Hearts on Fire diamonds, Argyle Diamonds, Diavik Diamonds, Origin and Hermitage Diamonds. Pieces from the above ranges are available in the showroom and by order.

Briolette is renowned for its extensive range of premium quality gems, jewellery and ornaments. Briolette gems are sourced from the finest suppliers. The store is dedicated to utilising the rare and exceptional products that the Australian gem and jewellery industry is renowned for.

Australian South Sea pearls are a key feature in the Briolette range. Each pearl is grown off the coast of North Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The beauty and elegance of these pearls brings class and sophistication to the Briolette range. Coloured gems and Opals form part of the rare and exceptional range that Briolette offers. Designers work with these products to develop unique, individual jewellery.

Hand crafted diamond jewellery is the speciality of the Briolette range. Briolette guarantees the quality of the stones in every piece in the collection.